Comic Book Subscription

Don’t miss and issue of your favorite comic book! Hey we wish we could carry every title that comes out and stock them on the shelf. Reality is we just can’t. If there is a title, character, writer, artist, or whatever you prefer to follow, the only way to guarantee you get it is to sign up for a monthly subscription.

How does it work? Simple – You let us know what books you want. We order a copy specifically for you. When it comes in we put it in a folder just for you.

Do I pay ahead? Nope. You come by the store when the book ships and buy it when it comes in. New comics arrive every Wednesday. You can check what books shipped here⟫

How long do you hold it? Most people come in every week to pick up their books but it really depends on how many books you subscribe to. Rule of thumb, we give you 2 months to pick up before we reach out to you first. We are pretty flexible and will work with your schedule. However, because we do pay our distributor for the books when they arrive, we appreciate you picking them up sooner as apposed to later.

When can I cancel? Anytime. If you aren’t enjoying a book just let us know and we will adjust your subscription.

I’m ready, where do I sign up? You can come by the store or fill out the form below.